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And some of today’s units are so advanced in their metal detector technology that they’ll signal to the user the difference between interesting coins and unwanted junk. Nevertheless, people remain very enthusiastic about its coin hunting capabilities and adjustment possibilities of this detector. Because of its 15 KHZ frequency, the Garrett AT Pro International detects even the smallest objects. This detector has the latest techniques in the field of metal detection on board and its functional design shows us the progressive character of its developers. Actually, all metal detectors for hobby use belong to the VLF (Very Low Frequency) type in terms of frequency. Coin hunting is for all ages you can also entertain your children by having them spend an afternoon looking on a piece of land, especially if they occasionally find something they will stay very enthusiastic. Coin hunting is a very fun hobby because it is easily accessible and you can find coins everywhere, in your backyard or abandoned schools, churches or just in gost towns. Whether you’re looking toward metal detecting as an activity the whole family can enjoy together, or if it’s a pet project just for you, hunting for hunk,s of metal is enjoyable, relaxing, and available just about anywhere. The Minelab X-Terra 705 metal detector is very good for serious beginners who immediately choose something good, and want extra features: such as being able to search by the sea between low and high tide without creating insurmountable salt effects. The X-Terra 705 works with the highly reliable VFLEX technology, where the best quality digital components and some very pure calibrated analog components combine to create the difficult combination of high sensitivity and high stability in a metal detector. In recent years the AT Pro has led to many successes and to “top”discoveries, the Garrett AT Pro metal detector is also used in the popular TV program’ Diggers’ on National Geographic. The larger the object, the deeper the metal detector is able to detect it. The “AT” series stands for “All Terrain.” As this suggests, the Pro is a rugged machine with a durable exterior. And how effective is it at hunting treasure in a wide range of environments? In detecting and treasure finding, anything over three coins is a ‘hoard’ – and has to be declared to organisers. The Pro model surpasses the basic Coinmaster’s features with Smart Notch that allow you to reject tabs at low discrimination or accept nickels at high discrimination. You can find silver coins as well as small gold nuggets by each of this detectors. ​You can pick your perfect configuration of the XP Deus at Treasure Mountain metal detectors. So if you’re looking for a coin detector, then it can be a great choice. Most importantly, I feel the AT Pro’s control panel is easy to use and read when in the field. There’s an estimated depth indicator on the right hand side of the display. In most situations, the automatic ground balancing function does a great job, so you won’t need to use the manual setting. A clean tone, on the other hand, hints the object is a real target. It’s a brilliant feature though that can save you a lot of time digging unwanted trash.

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If you’re relic hunting, take a note of the exact place because a historical record is helpful to archaeologists should that relic prove interesting or unusual. When that glorious ‘beep’ calls out, it’s time to pinpoint exactly where the signal is coming from. It needs to be sufficiently close to the soil or sand so the magnetic field can penetrate, but not so low that you bash the sensitive coil on stones and clods of earth. Sweep the machine side to side in front of your feet. Detector is able to differentiate the metal type, so you can discriminate not useful items. It can be useful in different areas: treasure hunting, archaeology, security. AFV actually has a couple videos like this one featuring parents who used metal detectors to reveal the coin or coins their child just swallowed. However, if metal was present when the machine fired, a small eddy current would be induced in the metal, and the time for sensed current decay would be increased. With the invention and development of the transistor in the 1950s and 1960s, metal detector manufacturers and designers made smaller lighter machines with improved circuitry, running on small battery packs. Another leader in detector technology was Charles Garrett, who pioneered the BFO (Beat Frequency Oscillator) machine. As the creation and refinement, of the device was a wartime military research operation, the knowledge that Kosacki created the first practical metal detector was kept secret for over 50 years. Early metal detector, 1919, used to find unexploded bombs in France after World War 1. This unit is easy enough for the beginner to use, and yet advanced enough for professional level coin hunting. The Minelab company additionally offers accessories and features allow a hobbyist to further customize their coin hunting experience. Even, their basic models, like the Minelab X-terra 305, are durable, well-made and effective at coin hunting. Keep in mind that while some upgrades to the Fisher F2 unit may help its sensitivity on the beach, the basic unit may not always be best for hunting in certain sandy areas compared to other Fisher units and their coordinating accessories. If things keep going this way the detector will have paid for itself within a few short decades! Their entire staffs knowledge of our product helps to ensure the customer gets the right detector for their needs regardless of what they might be. Their team of knowledgeable, helpful and friendly staff and family make their dealership a first choice for the treasure hunter.


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