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My pick between them will be the Ace 250 because it really withstood the test of time and it has so many good reviews all over the web while the Viking VK40 has almost none. I’m new to detecting and want to get the best I can with the money I have to spend. https://metaldetectorshub.com/metal-detectors/ only 6 weeks detecting, really getting addicted to it, however, a few times now had a good signal with my 400i, 60-80. Those models are easy to use without having to do complicated setups. Both are in your budget and will have a good detection below ground.

Some of them can run a few hundred dollars but for the most part, you can pick up a metal detector for as little as $50 or less. Metal detecting is for more than adults and getting the kids involved can be a great activity to get them up off the couch and in the great outdoors. This metal detector works in all modes and has a 2-way adjustable armrest which allows you to have the perfect fit making it comfortable to carry with you. When it comes to choosing a detector to help with hunting for gold, one of the better models happens to be the Garrett ATX.

If it’s highly mineralized soil, it’s going to affect the depth of your detector. The answer is there’s no real answer because the depth of your detector is going to have as much to do with the soil you’re penetrating as it is the power of your detector. If you intend to use your device for long stretches of time, you should ensure that your batteries won’t suddenly die. This is a factor that is often overlooked by novices and experts alike: how often will you be using your device and for how many hours at a time? More importantly, the device should be easy to set up and to use.

With the use of microprocessors and high-technology surface mount circuitry, the metal detector has evolved with greater depth, improved sensitivity, automatic ground balance and superior discrimination. Prospecting: treasure hunting with a metal detector in search of gold, silver, or valuables. The intermediate or expert would prefer a device that has a higher sensitivity and that offers more specialized features such as a metal discrimination tool, the ability to adjust the device’s frequency, better detection depth, and adjustable ground balance. Overall, we have to recommend the Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector. With the high-quality design, the five different search modes, and the waterproof coil, you have a metal detector that was built to handle the wet, ever-changing beach terrain. The Land Ranger Pro packs in a range of useful features, such as computerized ground balancing, four-tone audio ID, seven operation modes, an elliptical, 11-inch, waterproof search coil, and a pinpoint function with target and depth indicator.

Eight batteries get discharged during day light when you search without using any additional functionals, GPS and other embedded stuff. As for the device disadvantages – the batteries discharge very fast, if you aren’t using accumulators. Now apart from displaying the object, when moving the coil above it the image gets animated. The upgraded technology of target identification – Smart Find 2 — now the target is detected not only according to its conductivity, but its inductivity as well. This function with the help of Google Maps and PC XChange 2 displays on your PC the spot, where each target was found.

The device can choose filtration level itself and it has 8 values in the range of 9-12,5 Hz. You can input personal and contact data of the device owner using the menu and protect them with a password. The target is defined using the display, because the signal is very powerful. By means of a special program it displays data about the target found and the level of all three frequencies. It is equipped with a color display that shows information about the device performance and about these three frequencies as well.

However, enjoying this activity to the fullest calls for you to invest in a top quality metal detector that will last you years and meet your expectations performance-wise. Metal detecting can be a great source of adventure and fun.

Discrimination- discrimination is the detectors ability to exclude specific types of metal based on its conductivity. People who are into treasure hunting, or easier one, those who are looking for coins everywhere for collection or just by hunting, really need this kind of gadget.

The INTEY Classic has a high level of sensitivity so it can pick up on metal when detected even from ranges as deep as 6 inches. This detector comes with FBS 2 technology and uses multiple frequency transmission systems that allow you to find more targets effortlessly at even greater depths.

Along with that, the X-terra 505 is very much compatible with low, medium and high frequency coils, giving the user opportunities to hunt in a variety of scenarios. The X-terra 505 has the VFLEX technology, which basically gives the X-terra an excellent level of stability and sensitivity. It’s lightweight and multiple settings indeed makes it a great detector for any kind of prospecting.

Even with the coil wire wrapping around it, you won’t have to worry about damage. The long unprotected pole that connects the coil and the console is stronger than it looks. Some models choose to keep the wire internal, but they all connect from the control panel down to the coil.